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(Dec 23, 2014)
Oh so the TV is finally here :D? Hope ya get back sooner miss ya !
(Dec 22, 2014)
hey all, sad to say but gonna be a while till i get back on. have to wait again for a replacement tv, be a about a week till back
(Nov 13, 2014)
oops Here* orcish grammar :D
(Nov 13, 2014)
Omg Sib we miss you so much her and hope ya get back sooner as well :D !
(Nov 12, 2014)
Awesome to hear Theed! I should be back to playing soon myself, hopefully in the next few of weeks.
(Nov 08, 2014)
And hope we'll see ya soon :)
(Nov 08, 2014)
Hey Theed!
(Nov 03, 2014)
Hey, guys! Wow, it's been a long time. I recently went through some issues where I had to move, and I haven't really had room to play. Plus, I got a PS4, and that has been taking up a LOT of my time, lol. Hope this finds everybody well, however.
(Sep 16, 2014)
Recipes now posted :)
(Sep 15, 2014)
Sib, still waiting for that frozen yoghurt recipe :P
(Aug 12, 2014)
FA drops on plat reward BB
(Aug 09, 2014)
hope to see ya soon Mith! I've been having issues logging in myself since last update.. so I'll see ya all when I can :/
(Aug 05, 2014)
will be back as soon as i get it
(Aug 05, 2014)
tweeted but wanted to post here too lol. will be getting my computer back in a few days.
(Jun 14, 2014)
Today on Landroval: Weatherstock!
(May 19, 2014)
Wednesday! Taking the hobbits to Isengard! Be there ;)
(Mar 24, 2014)
hope all is going great for ya and will cya soon :D
(Mar 20, 2014)
Next month :(? Aww hope ya get back sooner miss ya :D !
(Mar 19, 2014)
Hey all! Things are still crazy here, but hoping it will all smooth out and should be back to playing normal within the next month or so. Missing all of ya!
(Feb 25, 2014)
Hey, I've been slacking, lol. Sorry about that guys.