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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 30, 2015)
No, we haven't. They only oppened the transfers for 2 days and they'll open them somewhere around october.
(Aug 28, 2015)
Did we move, yet?
(Aug 11, 2015)
New poll open!
(Aug 09, 2015)
It would appear that Arkenstone is the server to be in...
(Aug 09, 2015)
I'm lost!!! I'm torn between Arkenstone or Landroval
(Aug 03, 2015)
Vote in our new poll to determine where the kinship goes!
(Jun 08, 2015)
Love you too Fierce
(Jun 06, 2015)
Sorry for not being around still trying to download on my new laptop
(Jun 06, 2015)
:D love you all!
(Apr 23, 2015)
I think Car means folders :)
(Apr 21, 2015)
Sib can you make in Media maps?
(Apr 21, 2015)
Kinmeet today!
(Mar 19, 2015)
having internet problems, on my way hopefully
(Mar 19, 2015)
Not gonna be done working in time to get to the meeting, lame i know. sorry all
(Feb 11, 2015)
Welcome back !
(Feb 10, 2015)
Hey, guys. My launcher is having connectivity issues, so I've had to download and reinstall. I'm on the first reinstall right now. Hopefully see you guys soon! :D
(Feb 10, 2015)
Hey, guys. I know it's been forever and a day, but I finally got my setup...
(Feb 07, 2015)
Lol have a safe flight !
(Feb 05, 2015)
lol, that's a creepy emote
(Feb 05, 2015)
headed to chicago, be back on Wednesday if the plane doesn't crash :O lol.