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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 04, 2016)
Sorry for my absence and goodbye to all who left during that time :(
(Jul 01, 2016)
Too bad, Theed! :(
(Jun 24, 2016)
Hey, Ness! I'm stuck with my crappy laptop and no way to run the game 😭
(Jun 08, 2016)
Where is everyone?
(Feb 22, 2016)
You know, I'm upset. Ever since the migration and the latest update, my shitty little computer cannot run the game...
(Dec 04, 2015)
I spoke to a GM and they said that mine is a legitimate name clash. World chat seemed to think quite a few were clones though
(Dec 02, 2015)
That's it, all my chars are now in Gladden ! It didn't even take a full min lol, as for the naming policy I haven't checked all the names yet but my main character ramins as Malarwen. Cya all soon, I'm still here just invisible :D.
(Dec 01, 2015)
I'll be researching this problem to see if others have also had same problem and if there is a solution.
(Dec 01, 2015)
I think there is a major glitch going on during transfers creating a 'clone' of characters. Sounds like same thing that happened to Mithall also happened to Chrysophase. Not good.
(Nov 29, 2015)
nope, gotta change my name :(
(Nov 29, 2015)
I hope they will be able to fix it
(Nov 29, 2015)
But I think it's just a bug, asked for GM to have a look
(Nov 29, 2015)
Someone else has my name :(
(Nov 27, 2015)
I have emerged!
(Nov 25, 2015)
As long as you've read the full news currently posted on the main kin page for order of moving your characters and shared items, then it should go very smoothly for you.
(Nov 25, 2015)
Anything we should be aware of before transferring?
(Nov 25, 2015)
Just transferred a few more characters to Gladden. Only took a few minutes :)
(Nov 25, 2015)
Yes, everything went smoothly. Did take a while, but was to be expected on first day of transfers.
(Nov 24, 2015)
Did all go well?