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Transfer Process *IMPORTANT*

Sibannac / Nov 24, 2015
Greetings all,

I will be transferring Sibannac to our new world, Gladden very soon. The kinship will auto-disband on Dwarrowdelf when I do.

I just want to take the time to say thank you, each and every one of you for helping make the Green Leaf Order one of the best kinships on Dwarrowdelf. When I started this kinship exactly 5 years ago today, I never dreamed I would meet some of the coolest and nicest people from around the globe. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I now ask that you join me in our big move to the world of Gladden. I hope all of you can join me in this new adventure and help build the Green Leaf Order to even new heights!

Please do not transfer until I update this post for when I have reestablished our kinship on the new world. This way you will auto-join the kinship upon your transfer.

Take care all and...


UPDATE 2:15pm EST - I have started the transfer process for Sibannac.

UPDATE 3:45pm EST - Still waiting for Sibannac's transfer to complete.

UPDATE 4:20pm EST - Sibannac's transfer has completed. Green Leaf Order is now on Gladden! Feel free to now use the transfer button in the launcher to move your characters to Gladden. The recommended steps of transferring to lessen the likelihood of any items possibly being lost is as follows:
  1. Move your homeowner character. (For those of you that have alternate accounts with kinship leaders, do before this step.)
  2. Move your shared storage.
  3. Move the rest of your characters.

See you all on Gladden soon!


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