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The Decision... We're heading to Gladden!!!

Sibannac / Oct 29, 2015
As I stated in our forums about this topic, the band that several of our members belong to are going to Gladden. Although we did not vote on that in our final server poll and it actually got eliminated in the first one, I feel it is the best decision to keep our member's characters together as much as possible. I hope we can all transfer there together when the time comes. As of the date of this post that still looks nearly a month away or so. Additional world transfers have been put on hold until the new server hardware is up and running. Then we still have one more world ahead of us that transfers until we get our chance.

Once we know the official date of when our world can transfer, I will update here and in-game mail with what to do and when to do it. This will be our main location for communicating during that time period, since in-game will be fairly chaotic.

Until then, see you all in-game for Dwarrowdelf's last days.


UPDATE NOVEMBER 10: An official post on the Lotro forums gave a New Hardware Update yesterday. Imladris, the final world before us, will be open for transfers on Tuesday November 17. So the earliest we would transfer is on November 24, which happens to be our 5 year anniversary for the kinship! Closing dates for Dwarrowdelf and other closing worlds will be extended to the end of Q1(March?) 2016 so that players have time to return and get mail from kinships and friends in game before transferring worlds. Be sure to keep up to date here in the next couple weeks, because our time is coming soon!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 19: We have an official post on the Lotro forums stating that Dwarrowdelf will open for transfers on November 24th!!! Warning to all kin that I, Sibannac, will need to transfer first. This will set up our kinship on the new world and let all kin that transfer afterwards to auto-join the kinship. I will update this post and in the Shoutbox in the right column when the rest of the kinship can follow.


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