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Server Migration UPDATE Aug 20th

Sibannac / Aug 20, 2015
Just an FYI, odds are we are going to Arkenstone since it won the poll twice, but since it was very close I am going to wait until we have word on where the band that several of our member belong will transfer to. Keep an eye on this page and in your mail in-game for the final update on where we go!


Ummm what band are our members a part of?
That would be a Rock and a Hard place, they play every friday near the Bree stables (they are on summer break now).

WHAT???!!!! I've been wanting to be in a band... :( Or start one, lol... But it's whatevs, lol.
Yeah it's not a Green Leaf only band. Has members from several kinships and if I'm not mistaken a process for joining. I'm sure our kinnies in the band can help fill in the rest of the details next you see them on :)

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