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Sibannac / Aug 04, 2016
To any who are left to get this...

Sorry for more or less abandoning the kinship shortly after transferring servers. I had a lot going on in my personal life and it made it very hard to get on more than just a rare occasion. I understand I have failed you as a leader in this way and I don't blame any who have or still want to transfer to Carantir's new kinship.

Hopefully we can still move forward as a kinship after this. I am planning to be more active in the coming months. I was originally planning on getting the kinship more active as well, but with the loss of so many members it is hard to see how that will be possible for a while.

Thank you all who stayed or at least kept a character here, it is deeply appreciated and I hope not to disappoint again [Edit: See above post].

Sibannac / Nov 24, 2015
Greetings all,

I will be transferring Sibannac to our new world, Gladden very soon. The kinship will auto-disband on Dwarrowdelf when I do.

I just want to take the time to say thank you, each and every one of you for helping make the Green Leaf Order one of the best kinships on Dwarrowdelf. When I started this kinship exactly 5 years ago today, I never dreamed I would meet some of the coolest and nicest people from around the globe. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I now ask that you join me in our big move to the world of Gladden. I hope all of you can join me in this new adventure and help build the Green Leaf Order to even new heights!

Please do not transfer until I update this post for when I have reestablished our kinship on the new world. This way you will auto-join the kinship upon your transfer.

Take care all and...


UPDATE 2:15pm EST - I have started the transfer process for Sibannac.

UPDATE 3:45pm EST - Still waiting for Sibannac's transfer to complete.

UPDATE 4:20pm EST - Sibannac's transfer has completed. Green Leaf Order is now on Gladden! Feel free to now use the transfer button in the launcher to move your characters to Gladden. The recommended steps of transferring to lessen the likelihood of any items possibly being lost is as follows:
  1. Move your homeowner character. (For those of you that have alternate accounts with kinship leaders, do before this step.)
  2. Move your shared storage.
  3. Move the rest of your characters.

See you all on Gladden soon!
Sibannac / Oct 29, 2015
As I stated in our forums about this topic, the band that several of our members belong to are going to Gladden. Although we did not vote on that in our final server poll and it actually got eliminated in the first one, I feel it is the best decision to keep our member's characters together as much as possible. I hope we can all transfer there together when the time comes. As of the date of this post that still looks nearly a month away or so. Additional world transfers have been put on hold until the new server hardware is up and running. Then we still have one more world ahead of us that transfers until we get our chance.

Once we know the official date of when our world can transfer, I will update here and in-game mail with what to do and when to do it. This will be our main location for communicating during that time period, since in-game will be fairly chaotic.

Until then, see you all in-game for Dwarrowdelf's last days.


UPDATE NOVEMBER 10: An official post on the Lotro forums gave a New Hardware Update yesterday. Imladris, the final world before us, will be open for transfers on Tuesday November 17. So the earliest we would transfer is on November 24, which happens to be our 5 year anniversary for the kinship! Closing dates for Dwarrowdelf and other closing worlds will be extended to the end of Q1(March?) 2016 so that players have time to return and get mail from kinships and friends in game before transferring worlds. Be sure to keep up to date here in the next couple weeks, because our time is coming soon!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 19: We have an official post on the Lotro forums stating that Dwarrowdelf will open for transfers on November 24th!!! Warning to all kin that I, Sibannac, will need to transfer first. This will set up our kinship on the new world and let all kin that transfer afterwards to auto-join the kinship. I will update this post and in the Shoutbox in the right column when the rest of the kinship can follow.
Sibannac / Oct 25, 2015
Final decision on what world we will transfer to will be announced very soon. Transfers off our current world will most likely not occur until end of November or beginning of December from what has been officially stated on lotro forums. So until that time we will continue to play as normal on Dwarrowdelf.

When it does come time for us. I (Sibannac) will need to go first and move the kinship to the new world. Then the rest can follow and have an easy join to the kinship upon their transfer. This will be the main place to stay updated with the move and what and when to do it. More to be explained with next post.

See you all in-game!
Sibannac / Aug 03, 2015
Today server closures were announced and unfortunately Dwarrowdelf, our home server, is on the closing list. We will be having polls to determine which server we will be migrating the kinship to. I hope you will all join us on this new journey. The more kin that transfer together, the better off we start in our new home.

The current poll will be open for 1 week starting today and ending on August 10th. I will then eliminate the one or two lowest voted for servers. Starting August 10th or 11th, a new poll will open for another week with the remaining servers. Once done we should have our new server chosen and will then wait for our turn for server transfers.
Sibannac / Apr 08, 2015
This will be another kinship meeting away from the kin house. It will be held at the stage next to the Prancing Pony in Bree again. Nothing too official will be going on, mainly just a get together for the kin. Following the meeting we will be planning on forming a group to attack the Roving Threats in the West and Central Gondor areas, all are welcome to join. Hope to see you all at the meeting!

The meeting is on Tuesday, April 21st at the following local times:
10am PDT/MST - USA/Canada
11am MDT - USA/Canada
12pm CDT - USA/Canada
1pm EDT/Server - USA/Canada
6pm BST/WEST - UK/Portugal
7pm CEST - Netherlands/France/Belgium/Germany/Czech Republic/Spain/Sweden