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Future of the Green Leaf Order
August 10, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to no longer recruit. As most are aware, many of our core members have splintered off to join Carantir's new kinship. After much self deliberation, I just don't feel I have the drive to rebuild after losing so many important people to me and our kinship. Things just wouldn't be the same without them.

I will not be disbanding, since I will at least keep the kinship as a personal one. I am not planning on kicking anyone out, whoever wants to stay can stay. I will not turn anyone away from joining, but I will encourage them to join Carantir's kinship instead. I also encourage all current members to join Carantir if they would like an active kinship.

So after nearly 6 years, the Green Leaf Order is all but dead. Thank you to all current and past members for having made this journey such a wonderful experience. A kinship leader couldn't have asked for a better group of people to call his Middle-Earth family. All those who left or are leaving, you will be sorely missed. Good luck and happy adventuring my friends.

Sibannac / Aug 04, 2016
To any who are left to get this...

Sorry for more or less abandoning the kinship shortly after transferring servers. I had a lot going on in my personal life and it made it very hard to get on more than just a rare occasion. I understand I have failed you as a leader in this way and I don't blame any who have or still want to transfer to Carantir's new kinship.

Hopefully we can still move forward as a kinship after this. I am planning to be more active in the coming months. I was originally planning on getting the kinship more active as well, but with the loss of so many members it is hard to see how that will be possible for a while.

Thank you all who stayed or at least kept a character here, it is deeply appreciated and I hope not to disappoint again [Edit: See above post].